The Coupeville Education Association represents all certificated staff in the district, and works collaboratively with the Coupeville School District towards excellence in education. The association elects members to serve as co-presidents, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

CEA Officers

Linsley Dix
Katja Willeford
Liz Florkowski
Deb Sherman
Tacy Bigelow
CHS Representative
Wilbur Purdue
CMS Representative
Kathy Bayne
CES Primary Representative
Mark Noste
CES Intermediate Representative

The CEA members listed above serve on the “Article 19” team (referring to Article 19 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement) in monthly meetings and discussions with the superintendent.

Members of the CEA are paid on the Washington State teacher salary schedule, based on educational background and years of experience. All benefits and terms of employment are defined in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the CEA and the school district.