CHS Monthly Scholarship Bulletin

Every month starting in October, a scholarship bulletin is available for CHS students planning to pursue further education after graduation. Scholarships can help pay for study at:

  • Trade/Technical School,
  • Community College and
  • Four-year University.

ALL KINDS of scholarships are available with qualifying criteria ranging from typical academic or athletic achievements to students interested in specific fields or trades, and much more. Be sure to take a look at each monthly bulletin and apply for any scholarship that could fit.

These are available through the following links and also in the counseling office:

  • November Scholarship Bulletin 2017
  • December Scholarship Bulletin 2017
  • Jan. & Feb.Scholarship Bulletin 2018
  • March Scholarship Bulletin 2018
  • April Scholarship Bulletin 2018
  • May Scholarship Bulletin 2018
  • Scholarship Resources

    The Washington Scholarship Coalition
    A website for students residing in Washington to search for scholarships. The number of students competing for State based scholarships is going to be a lot less than the number competing for National scholarships. Create an account and receive email notifications of new scholarship that may be of interest to you. 
    A comprehensive scholarship resource site for local, state, national and college specific scholarships. Create an account and receive notifications of new scholarships available.

    College Board’s Scholarship Search
    Find scholarships, other financial aid and internships from more than 2,200 programs, totaling nearly $6 billion. Enter as much information as possible to find the most matches.

    Scholarship information is based on the College Board’s Annual Survey of Financial Aid Programs.

    National Scholarship Providers Association
    Provides a list of member organizations that offer college scholarships. Many of the national scholarship search engines, including those listed here, are also connected with most if not all of these organizations. Using the member directory is simply another pathway to looking for scholarships by school, organization or area of academic interest.
    Free national scholarship search service. Privacy practices approved by TRUSTe.