“A community is a group of people who have come together, and they work and they live to try and improve the standard of living and quality of life – and I don’t mean money.” -- William Baldwin
We welcome your involvement and commit to keeping you informed through our Website, the district calendar, and emergency communication services. If you’re so inclined, you also can join us (and preferably like us!) on Facebook.

Our schools are your schools

  • Volunteer

    Parent, guardian, and community volunteers enrich educational opportunities for Coupeville students. Volunteers assist with classroom, office, field trip activities, and as Big Brothers or Big Sisters to individual students. School secretaries will match your special talents and areas of interest with services needed.

    Time and care given by volunteers makes a difference in the lives of our students! Prior to helping as a volunteer, please review our Volunteer Packet and complete the application form in the packet. Please submit the application at least two weeks before your first volunteer date; the application is valid for two years.

    • Facility Use

      School district facilities are available for use by the public. The Facility Use Request Form identifies procedures and costs (if applicable). For more information, contact Jamie Easton at 360-678-2404.

    • Support Organizations

      Thank you to the many organizations that directly support our students, teachers, and activities! Links to their websites are provided if available.

      Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools
      Offers grant funding to provide an “extra measure” of support to enhance school programs.

      Coupeville Athletic Booster Club
      Supports student athletes, raises school spirit, and conducts fundraising activities to purchase items needed for athletic programs.

      Coupeville Elementary School PTA
      “Enhances the learning experience of our children at school, at home, and in the community.” The PTA sponsors many family and student activities each year, celebrates school staff, and builds enthusiasm for learning.

      Coupeville Festival Association
      Provides grant funding and/or donations for historical and/or arts-related programs and events.

      Coupeville Lions Club
      Supports school programs, student scholarships, substance abuse prevention curriculum, and school facility improvements.

      Coupeville Public Library (Sno-Isle Regional Library System)
      Schedules enrichment programs for students on early release days, works with teachers to support homework assignments, and provides early learning opportunities at the library.

      Whidbey Island Woodworkers Guild
      Supports the high school woodworking program through purchase of equipment and supplies, and time donated by members as volunteers or guest instructors.

    • Your Tax Dollars at Work

      Business Manager Denise Peet provides a monthly report to the Board of Directors, summarizing revenues and expenditures in relation to the budget. She ensures that money from all sources is managed in accordance with state and federal regulations.

      Budget 101
      School district budgets are similar to home and business budgets; they track revenues/income and expenditures/expenses. And then it gets complicated.

      The rules governing public school district budgets mandate that:

      • Federal funds can be used only to support federal programs, such as the Learning Assistance Program or the Title I reading and math support programs.
      • Each district must have and maintain a:
        • General Fund for basic education operation,
        • Capital Projects Fund to monitor revenue from bonds, and to ensure that expenses paid out relate to the capital (facilities) of the district,
        • Transportation Vehicle Fund to track annual revenue from the state for operation of student transportation and to periodically purchase new school buses, and an
        • ASB Fund for associated student body (ASB) activities, including clubs and athletic activities.
      • Periodic audits by the Washington State Auditor’s Office, and paid for by the local district, must occur to ensure that proper accounting and oversight procedures are in place to safeguard public funds. A public report is issued following each audit.

    • Levy and Bond Elections

       Since 1998, the district has submitted a four-year Maintenance and Operations levy to the voters of the district. This schedule minimizes the cost to the district and allows for long-range planning.

       A Technology/Capital Improvements Levy was first presented and approved in 2010, and has allowed the district to update its technology infrastructure (wiring, network components) and to purchase computers and handheld devices that comply with the minimum state standards.

      The most recent bond election was in 2004, and supported the construction of a new high school, an additional gymnasium and locker room, a covered play area at the elementary school, remodeling of the elementary school office, and final payment for the 22-acres adjacent the elementary school. These and other district bonds were refunded (refinanced) in 2011 at a lower interest rate to reduce the cost to taxpayers.

      Election History

      Maintenance & Operations Levy Election
      Capital Projects / Technology Levy Election

      Maintenance & Operations Levy Election
      Capital Projects Levy Election
      Reorganization of Director Districts Ballot Item

      Maintenance & Operations Levy Election

      Bond Election

      Maintenance & Operations Levy Election